Exports to Excel do not handle French Accents well.

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French accent characters get changed to a Spanish capital A with an accent and a copyright symbol. Not sure if that is a coding thing you can fix or a language option you can add, or just an Excel problem. In Canada we have many French names. Best Regards.
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Thanks for the feedback @MDEbyPIDIM,


This isn't an issue I've heard of before.  For clarification-- you have the French accent characters uploaded into Constant Contact, and when you export them, those characters are not displaying in Excel?

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Yes that's correct. Our registrants enter their names with accents and the export into excel always changes them.


Thanks again for the feedback @MDEbyPIDIM,

I tested this on my side and it appears if you download the file as a .CSV file it will mix up some of the accents and turn them into other symbols.  When I download the file as an excel file (see attached image) it downloads the names correctly.  I will share this info with our team, but for now I would suggest downloading your contact files as an excel file.  If that still gives you trouble let me know.



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Don't have a choice to change the format, only csv which messes up the accents

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