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In light of new GDPR laws, currently, you only have one template that has the coding to generate an expressed consent "opt-in". I want to include this link, and encouragement to give expressed consent in all of my emails. I was told by your Compliance department that this hard-code is not an option in any of your other templates, but instead I can adapt your expressed consent template to look like a regular email blast. 


This seems to be extremely inconvenient as a client, to have to reformat my templates around the opt-in button, rather then being able to add this to existing templates.   Please make the Opt-in coding available universally across all templates. It will only strengthen your product and allow us to strengthen our contacts list.

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Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @PaulK6,


Thank you for taking the time and providing this feedback! I agree this would be a great feature and I've passed it along and opened this for voting!

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