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Feature needed very badly

Feature needed very badly

It's really important to be able to clean our lists regularly from inactive/uninterested/unengaged contacts. MailChimp has it, and I think it's critically important. I understand the "Did Not Open" and "Bounced" reporting currently available, and I also understand we can export contacts from different campaigns and try to clean them up with pivot tables and so forth. However, as a highly touted and respected mailing list management service, this requested feature is a MUST for those of us really trying to stay ahead of the game. We do not want to pester people with emails they aren't interested in receiving, and I hate the idea of sending out an email asking them if they still want to be on our list (since most of them probably will never open that email). Thank you for consideration.
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Hello @RomieS,


Thank you for this feedback! We've recently released a new feature called User-Defined Segments, which can be found as a sub-menu under Contacts. One of the segments it allows is to find any contact who did not open any email in the last 90 days. Here is an article with more information on what it can do and how to use it:


Does this provide what you're looking for or is there something else you would like to see?

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I think that is a start, but then there needs to be an option to quickly/easily unsubscribe all of those contacts. My understanding is that right now, the only way to clean the list is to export those inactive contacts, and then reupload them as "unsubscribed" which is too complicated and not user-friendly. There needs to be a button in Constant Contact that allows me to unsubscribe all my inactive contacts with just one click. I agree that this is critical!


Agreed with poster, no one has time /patience  to export, import, etc .. needs to be faster, simplier , less time spent cleaning  lists.