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Filter by "Not in any List"

You need to add the ability to filter the contacts that aren't on any list to make it easier to manage contacts that subscribe by using the Subscribe button. I don't like having to find them individually each time to assign them to an email list. Can't believe you really don't have this ability. Tech support told me that I have to export and then sort in Excel then re-import. That really takes some time for a simple operation. You guys can (and should) do better.
Status changed to: New

Thanks for posting this feedback. You can view all the contacts that are not part of any list now by using Advanced Search. Choose the serach criteria of Lists is blank and you will see all the contacts with no lists included. You can also export all the contacts and sort by the list view. 

This would also be very useful for me - I'm currently cleaning up a horribly maintained list, and short of looking at every record, I can't tell if I have contacts that aren't on any list and need to be added.

I just used the advanced search, as suggested, but now I have to wade through names that are not on a list because they are unsubscribed (I'm holding on to a few of those). It would be good to have a multiple criteria search with an And/Or function: search for "list" "is blank" AND "active" , OR "unsubscribed"

Status changed to: Closed - No Action