For the sake of "renovation"..

I notice that you have changed the sign up tools.  Trouble again.  One thing leads to another one - unless, due to my lack of training, cannot easily find out how to do things.


The new sign up form has fields like "First Name", "Last Name", etc.  These fields cannot be edited anymore.  This is a BIG PROBLEM for those who use Constant Contact in other languages. 


I use Constant Contact for the Latin American market and my form has to be consistent with my website, my email campaigns.


Why is it that you forget about other languages? 


You had already achieved EXCELLENCE in the previous system - but now....  every "improvement" comes with a big tag.




Status changed to: New
Thank you for your feedback. Please vote and agree with this idea to help us get the idea implemented.

Hi Jeff,

Why is it that this matter has to be voted if this is a service that you used to give us?  I chose CC because I was able to use it in Spanish.  Is it that your new policies do not include international services?

Status changed to: Closed - No Action
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