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I have had to purchase another company's form builder simply because Constant Contact doesn't offer an "Are You Human?" security feature on its forms. (I know because I called you and asked.) I have been bombarded with spam emails from my forms that were obviously generated from bots. It takes a lot of my time to go into Constant Contact every day and delete the spam email addresses. I suggest that Constant Contact take a serious look at adding a security feature to all of their forms. This will alleviate a HUGE headache for your customers. Thank you for listening! Have a wonderful day. ~Pamela Cendejas
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Hi @PamelaC1601 what type of sign-up form are you looking to turn on a captcha for?

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Hi @Frankie_P - I create a variety of forms on my website. I used the Constant Contact plugin. However, since it didn't include a Captcha, I received several spam emails daily. Since Constant Contact doesn't offer a Captcha or Are You Human? field on the forms, I had to pay another service to create the forms and add them to my website.

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