Functionality and Filtering needs MAJOR IMPROVEMENT!

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There are only 2 ways of adding contacts to lists: Either you have to select ALL of them or select each address one by one. It is TEDIOUS and FRUSTRATING!!!!! Here is what you need to make managing contacts easier: 1. A way to filter out emails by date added, method added, and what list they are on. 2. For each list view, you can have a certain number of emails displayed per page. You should have the Select All button ONLY apply to those emails in the current display page. Now, when clicked, the Select All option select ALL the contacts. These two additions to the functionality of the contact management will greatly improve this feature, as well as greatly reducing time and frustration spent having to manage contacts.

Hi @JenAnneW

Thanks for posting, I am sorry to hear of your frustrations. Are you often moving contacts from one list to the other based on something they are doing outside of the account? Or are they doing something like clicking a link in your email before you move them?


Thanks for this feedback!

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