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This is how  does Geo targeting. Ent doesn’t constant contact do this? 

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Hi at this time geo tagging or geo targeting is not a feature that is available through Constant Contact. It is however a great feature request we would be happy to track on your behalf. What are some cases where you may be in need of a feature like this?

Thanks for the quick response.


The main use case is to be able to send an email campaign to a targeted region. Today, I can upload address info in my contacts lists, but if I wanted to send to a specific region, I would have to create a segment with all the states, zipcodes, cities (or whatever level of granularity I wanted). What would be really great if I could just create a segment on the fly such as "100 miles within <address>".  And even better if I can save that segment for future use.  


Use case #2 would be  to capture the approximate geolocation when the email is opened and update the contact record in my list (if an address is not already present).


Thanks for your consideration.




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