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Give Error Feedback

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Give Error Feedback

"Contact Import Failed." is useless information. Give some indication of where or what it is failing on. Line number, garbage text, something. I am simply feeding email addresses back into your system in order to group them into lists. But, it is erroring out. Frustrating.
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In the optional fields, why does field 8 come before field 4? When I bring up my contact list, why are they sorted by first name? To me it seems more logical to sort by last name or email address. In my error list, I have 300+ errors. It appears that I put first name in the email column. In the error report I am given only the first name. With only the first name, I have no way of finding the email name in my original document. CContact needs a better way to fix errors. If I have an error, the report should show everything that I submitted.

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I just tried adding 6 contacts by copying and pasting their names and emails in one batch. After I selected the lists for the group, CC told me that 4 had been added, 2 had been updated and 3 could not be added. I called CC and spoke to someone who showed me how to use the activity link to find out a bit more information. When I click on the red "3" next to the activity (Add names and emails), it reads: "This job had 3 issues: 3 contacts were un-subscribed and could not be added to the list." These messages are confusing in two places. The first is when it says 3 added/2 updated/3 couldn't be added. This suggests there were 9 contacts being added. The second place is the message in the activity that says "3 contacts were un-subscribed." The fact is there were only 6 contacts, not 9. And there was only ONE (1) *contact* that couldn't be added. I finally realized that this confusing message is indicating that there was an attempt to add a (i.e., 1) contact to 3 LISTS, but that one contact was unsubscribed. It would be much more helpful if the error messages didn't mix up the number of contacts with the number of lists. It should read something like: 4 contacts were added to 3 lists, 2 contacts were updated and 1 contact could not be added to 3 lists. At the very least, the Activity Type message should be a "1" instead of a "3" because it was only one email address that was unsubscribed. So grateful I only had to figure this out for a small number. I can only imagine the confusion for those uploading large numbers of emails!
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As an e-mail admin, I would appreciate more detail to diagnose why a message was blocked.  Was it blocked because it came from a certain Constant Contact IP flagged as SPAM by a popular RBL, was it blocked due to greylisting, one never knows under this catchall category.

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Giving an error that something went wrong and you will look at it shortly doesn't help me right now or make me feel like Constant Contact cares about my account. I need to add contacts now, not when you decide to get back to me.
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Thank you for your suggestion!

I am sorry to hear this is giving you trouble. Can you clarify the action you are taking when you see this error message? Also, what does the error say?


Thanks for your help!


Hello Phil,


I can understand the error messages in the new contacts system when importing can be difficult to understand when you do receive errors. We appreciate your feedback regarding the way they are currently handled, what would you like to see in place of the way we currently have the errors shown, so we can pass this on to our product management team.



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I am not able to see which contacts there are errors with , when I import a list from a file. this used to be a function.
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We've had 3 imports to our CC database fail, with no error message informing me that there was a problem. Could you add an error message to pop up when this happens?
For several days I've tried to update my contacts list by uploading a .xls file. Every time I get an error message that says Constant Contact is aware of the problem and it will be resolved shortly. Please help!