Giving Subscribers the Ability To Unsubscribe From Any List Public or Private

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We have over 1,000 employees on a "private" list we maintain because they need to be employees to be on the list. Many of those employees are subscribed to some of our public lists. If an employee or anyone on a private list wants to unsubscribe from a public list, they don't have the option to stay subscribed to the private list. As a result, they end up getting unsubscribed from all lists and have to go through the re-subscribe process. Subscribers desperately need to be able to manage their subscriptions regardless of list type. It would be tremendous if a subscriber would be shown any list they are subscribed to private or public. Have you discussed this enhancement? Any ETA?
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HI Danny,

Thanks for posting. Have you considered including the public lists on yoru sign up form so the contacts can choose to unsubscribe from only some? Here's an FAQ with more information on this for you. 

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