I was really excited about the new changes... not so much anymore. On the contact page it use to be that I could see all my lists and easily find the one that I wanted - now they are all smooshed together on the left & they aren't even in order - even though I had them all in order before based on the number I assigned them, now I can't find anyway to organize them!! 


On the contact page, I don't need to see all my individual contacts. I would rather the contacts me small on the left hand and the lists large on the right - or really, back how it use to be, there is no reason I need to see the huge list of everyone I have - that doesn't help me at all. 


And like someone else said - there is way too much white space everywhere. I have to scroll all over the place to find any info that I need. 


I also really wish we could customize the view within the contact list. It would be really easy to program it where we can pick what we want to see. For me, knowing the city and state does no good - I need to see what school they go to and what grade they are in (I work in Student Ministry at a large church)


I'm thinking you guys needed to a little bit more test marketing before you made these changes!!

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