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Have Contacts Management Bar Stay Visible on Page

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In contacts, we need a floating delete button, so that as I scroll down the page, I don't have to scroll way back up to delete an email address.

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Hi @CharlesM89 how would you expect this button to appear? Would you want the Contacts Management Bar to scroll down with you as you scroll? Or would you want the option to appear on the side of your contacts?


Whichever is easier for you to accomplish.

It would really be nice if I did not have to scroll back to the top of the page to take ACTION for a contact name on the bottom of the page. And equally it would be nice not to have to scroll to the bottom of the page to advance to the next page.

Over the last 3 months, I spent innumerable hours  "cleaning up" our contacts list of over 2000, as we were consistently getting 200+ bounces with each send.  I clicked on every single person to see what was happening, which was a "scroll-intensive" activity. 😞  Here are some ideas from this experience to help make managing Contacts easier.


  • on actual contact details page, have the option to "delete contact" right there, instead of having to go back to the list to delete
  • have "add contact" and top bar frozen at top, so regardless of whether looking at page of 50 or 500 contacts, those options are readily available without scrolling back up
  • or I've used databases where alphabet links were at both the top and bottom of the page, regardless of page length - that would speed up contact management immensely!
  • in addition to the first page, last page or next page options to jump to, have choice of actual page number to enter - that would also speed things up!  And put it at the top AND the bottom of the page, not just the bottom

Thanks for listening! 🙂

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Hi CC, Could you make the ACTIONS button appear at the bottom of the screen in CONTACTS also? When trying to delete names from a list, I have to check each box and then scroll back to the top to click on ACTIONS and then DELETE. It would be more efficient to be able to have ACTIONS at the bottom, too. Just my $.02.
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