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It takes me twice as long to add contacts this way. It would be much easier if I could just type in all of my information without having to do 3 to 5 mouse clicks to add the address and custom fields. Thanks!
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Thanks for this feedback, Kerry. If you'd like to see this change implemented, please let us know by voting for it and leaving comments below.
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I agree that it's very time consuming to click the pull-down list, select JUST ONE field, fill it, and then ahve to do the process all over again for additional fields. It would be much easier just to see all the fields and fill in ones that need data added.


Also, if there are old fields that do not need data, it would be nice to be able to delete them.

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It would be nice to have:

All the Custom Fields showing so we can add all our info on each line, then click save - just once.


Or at the very least we can use the dropdown and click what Custom Field we want to type in, but then click save just once at the very end.



I just called in for support to get some help with adding 1 contact at a time. We find that it is very cumbersome to add one contact because we are adding address fields and some custom fields. We constantly have to choose the "add" drop down and select "address" and all my other custom fields before I can even start to type anything in. I have given other people the task of adding contacts and I have noticed that they are not filling in the fields for this reason. Now I am having to export my whole list and backtrack to get the values entered. I like the product but this makes the single contact entry very cumbersome. Thanks.


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Unfortunately we have not had a vote on this in over 2 years. Although you still have to add each field one at a time, you do not have to hit 'Save' after each one, only at the end. If there is still a request for this, please create a new post.

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