Have multiple footers for campaigns and sign up forms

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My organization has more than one location. I need to create location specific sign up forms. According to your representative this is not possible. When creating an e-mail campaign, the default organization information can be overridden. The same capability is needed when creating sign up forms.


It would be nice to be able to add multiple addresses to the bottom of the emails. (we have multi-sites)

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Hello @GraceChurchontheMount,

Are you referring to including multiple email addresses in the footer of your email?

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Hi @DonP980. Thank you for your feedback about our sign up forms. Would you ideally have multiple locations saved under your settings and then select the appropriate location when creating the sign-up form? Or would this be something that was entered manually each time, similar to when you have created a campaign?

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Yes.  The ideal solution would be to have multiple locations saved under my settings in an "address book" and then select the appropriate location profile when creating the sign-up form.  In my opinion, the other approach you suggested of being able to override defaults should always be an option, even if the "address book" approach was implemented. 


In a really ideal world, the address book could be used for campaigns, sign up forms, etc.  Then, before starting to create anything, I would select the location I have in mind. 


Finally, in a super duper ideal world, once I had created a campaign, sign up form, or anything else for one location, I could make a copy of it for another location and just select the new location from the address book and "boom!" it would be created for location number 2.


I'm thinking of an interface that looks something like the Amazon checkout process where I select the shipment destination and payment method from lists that I have previously created.  Not a perfect analogy, but I'm sure you get the idea.

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Thank you for replying, @DonP980. This is very helpful and I think it's a great idea for other customers who are in a similar situation. I'll open it up for voting.

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I need to be able too add my second address to my emails
Hello there. I own 2 brick
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Hi @wimmerssewing where in your account are you looking to include multiple locations?


Reply from @wimmerssewing 

Hello! We'd like to add it to the automatic signature line. After
speaking with customer service we've been informed that this is not
something that's offered now, but could be included in an update in the
future. They asked me to share my request as feedback, so I did that not
realizing it would get posted onto a forum. Haha. Thanks for your
response though!


Hi @wimmerssewing thanks for following up with this clarification! We have merged your post into a larger thread on this feature request.

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