Have to import different lists separately

If I wanted to take one big list and breakdown into smaller sublists, I have to separate all the data into different lists, run the import process multiple times, and go back through the duplicate process. EVERYTIME. We have another software that emails and we were slowly looking at it, but these changes to list management and the importing process along with custom fields means that I'm going to fast track that process and move away from Constant Contact for everything we can.

Hi Patricia,


I am sorry for the trouble this has caused.  We definitely do not want to lose you as a customer and I would like to go over a new feature the new contact management system has, its called tags.  What you can now do is segment large lists into tags so that when you are going to schedule an email you would select your large list and then filter it by a tag or multiple tags you created.  This will send the list out to only the tags and not the other people stored in the large list.  For more information on tags please follow the link below.


What are tags and how do I use them?


How do I filter a list using tags?



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