Hi! Our open rates are being negatively impacted by the data collection algorithm employed.

After further discussing with your customer service line, I have been made aware that some of our opens do not register. Including (1) Mobile device access and (2) those who view the email in the preview pane without double clicking to "officially" open. As communication rapidly changes, I am curious as to how your company will be updating data collection to increase accuracy? We look forward to any and all changes that will be implemented to increase reporting accuracy! Kind Regards, Alexis
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Thanks for posting this feedback! We're always looking for ways to improve and your feedback will be used in future improvements!


I send over 500 emails to the subscribers of our electronic version of our magazine.  Of those 500+ subscribers, the data feedback indicates that only 45%-50% open the email and of that only 50% - 65% click on the link to download the issue.  This is somewhat surprising since these are NOT free subscriptions.  These are paid subscriptions to a professional membership trade magazine.


Either people have taken to paying for something they do not want or the accuracy of opening rates and click throughs seriously lacking.

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