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Spent about an hour adding new contacts to a list, filled in their email, first name, last name, just to have none of them add to the list I had selected, and none of the emails actually be added to the new contacts. The contacts were added to "My Contacts" but what good does that do me without their email addresses or being associated with the email list I was adding them too. Hopefully his doesn't happen again but now I just have to do every contact one at a time because I don't trust the multi person add functionality.
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I've gone back and looked at the contacts that added, and the emails are there, but they've been hidden down in custom fields. So I will admit this was more my fault for not paying closer attention, however, some feedback would be that if a contact has just ONE email address added to it, that it should show up in the main email section until otherwise noted by the constant contact user. When I was adding contacts the email section just said "Email" so I was under the assumption that it was populating that contacts email field, not some custom one that appears kind of hidden below that main contact info. Y'all hiring UX designers? Let me know (haha)

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Sorry to hear you had trouble uploading your contacts.  I can see how this would've been confusing for you.  Thank you for the great feedback.  If you need any help, let me know and I am happy to get you in touch with our Support Team.

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that did not help the last time. this continue to be a problem


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