I do not like your new MY Contacts arrangement. Bring back the old way. T

I do not like your new setup for My Contacts. This takes many more steps to find my email lists and copy individual email addresses. Poor. Don't like it. Bring back the older way. It was more efficient.
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Hi Tom, I apologize for the issues you are having with the new system. As of right now you can not sort email lists, if you know the email address you are looking to copy you can use the search feature on the contacts page. Once you find the contact you can then move him to any new list as well as see what lists they are on by selecting the contact and clicking the "add to email lists" button.
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I really like the old way better - I didn't have to use the browser after every entry - I could just tab over
Several of our clients' email addresses go to more than one individual. That is the only way we can contact them via email. I NEED that function.
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