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I do not understand why I keep getting reports that parishioners have unsubscribed.

I do not understand why I keep getting reports that parishioners have unsubscribed.

However, when I contact the people that have unsubscribed they tell me they never did. So we have to get them to sign back up which is a feature that doesn't always work promptly. I'm currently waiting for your website to show that a parishioner has subscribed again so I can then add him to our mailing list. So frustrating!!!
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How can I get a person added when their email says they were unsubscribed?

Hi @ThomasD29908

Once a contact is opted out they must resubscribe to your email list using a sign up link. If you have a join my mailing list link on your website or Facebook page you can direct the person to use this link to resign up. If you don't currently have these links available there are other options listed here.

We encourage that you help the contact get this process started but in order to remain compliant with Can Spam and CASL laws the action of resubscribing must come from the contact directly.



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One of my Customer unsubscribed by error. How can I register him again knowing that if I enter his e-mail again, the message "this is an unsubscribed email address" appears ?

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The individual needs to sign up themselves you can't add them.


I need to add back a couple members from our mailing list that unsubscribed by accident how do I do that?
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on screen shows unsubscribed as one person - then a spreadsheet shows someone else who is a personal acquaintance and did not unsubscribe

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This is myself and for some reason I was unsubscribed. The e-mail associated is 


Hi @ValleyCorvettes

Once a contact has opted out of your account the action of resubscrubing needs to come from them. It's easiest to direct them to resign up using a Join My Mailing list box that already exists on your website of Facebook page. If you don't have one of these available you can also send them the sign up link outside of Constant Contact. Check out more ideas here.


We suggest you encourage they resubscribe but due to CanSpam and CASL laws the action must come directly from them.




HI @DebbieW0

I removed the email address from your post since this is public. Is it possible that you forwarded your email to another user who opted you out?


To get yourself back on your lists just use the sign up link in your account (or on your website/Facebook page) to resubscribe.



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