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I do not understand why I keep getting reports that parishioners have unsubscribed.

I do not understand why I keep getting reports that parishioners have unsubscribed.

However, when I contact the people that have unsubscribed they tell me they never did. So we have to get them to sign back up which is a feature that doesn't always work promptly. I'm currently waiting for your website to show that a parishioner has subscribed again so I can then add him to our mailing list. So frustrating!!!
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One of our synagogue congregants keeps being unsubscribed from our mailings. She is computer-literate and has re-signed herself up on her own twice now in one month and then gets unsubscribed.

Please advise

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Hello @RobertF19217


We would like to look at the specific contact to be able to investigate further as there could be a couple of things causing this. Can you send us an email to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with a reference to this posting, your username, and the email address of this contact please?





HI @DebraS851

I am very sorry to hear this is happening, can you email a few of these contacts to us so I can take a closer look? Since this fourm is public please don't post here but include a link to this thread in your email.


Thank you!

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One of our Board members wanted to remove one of her email addresses from our mailing list. she unsubscribed from that address and your software unsubscribed her completely. How can we add her again? she needs to get the mailings!

Hi @OrangeCountyC


Thanks for reaching out to us! Once a contact has unsubscribed then the only way for them to be added back to your mailing list is if they re-subscribe themselves. This post will show you how they can do that. Please let us know if you need any other assistance, thank you!

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I write the weekly email for my church and somehow *my* work email was unsubscribed. I'll go through the effort of "resubscribing". But, is there something someone could do unintentionally to get unsubscribed? Or is there a way that constant contact is convinced that a campaign has been emailed to a particular email, but it does not show up in that inbox.


To Whom It May Concern:


It seems Constant Contact is increasing their prices more frequently with little or no benefits to justify said increase. As a result, I plan to look into comparative services/options if this continues, and will recommend to my colleagues that they to do the same. There are more choices now than in years past. It appears that with these frequent price increases, you are gouging the small business, not helping them grow.