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I do not understand why I keep getting reports that parishioners have unsubscribed.

I do not understand why I keep getting reports that parishioners have unsubscribed.

However, when I contact the people that have unsubscribed they tell me they never did. So we have to get them to sign back up which is a feature that doesn't always work promptly. I'm currently waiting for your website to show that a parishioner has subscribed again so I can then add him to our mailing list. So frustrating!!!

HI @SEAS_Sailing

Is this situation two contacts using the same email address or two different addresses? The optout can occur by accident if the email is forwarded and the second contact opts out. This isn't common but does happen once and a while! To get them back on your list I would recommend having them resign up using a signup box you have on your website or Facebook page!

Hello, We need to change the wording at the bottom of the event invitations to say something like to stop receiving all communications from this sender... Now it reads: If you'd like to stop receiving invitations like this.... Which is misleading and actually encourages them to opt out on us. I had several people tell me that is why they 'opted out' on accident last year. They asked me why I wasn't sending them emails any longer and were upset that they didn't get my emails this year.

HI @KaraP

Can you help clarify-- You are seeing this at the bottom of the invite? This is how the bottom of the standard invitation should look:



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I dont understand how to re subscribe an email that was accidently unsubscribed, what is the simple way?

Hi @PackanackLakeC


Once a contact is unsubscribed the only way to add the contact back to your mailing lists is to have them resubscribe. Resubscribing has to be done by the contact themself, but you can help them get started by sending them the Join My Mailing list link from within your account. Check out this FAQ for more information. Hope that helps!

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Hi, I am having trouble successfully adding back to the contact list a person who somehow accidentally unsubscribed to our email blasts. How can that person (same email address) be added back? Thanks so much.
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A few people have joined our mailing lists but they've not confirmed their opt-in — awaiting confirmation status. It would be nice if we could check their name and invoke a bulk action to send a reminder email with the link to confirm their opt-in.

Hi @TNRighttoLife

Thanks for posting! Once a contact has opted out they will have to take the action to signup again. You can help them start this process by sending them the sign up link outside of Constant Contact or you can direct them to your website or Facebook page where you might have a signup box already. Here is an FAQ with more detailed steps if you want to take a look.



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