I find the layout for CONTACTS to be very cumbersome.

Instead of having drop down menus to "Add Field" and then have to scroll through a list, then choose the field, I would prefer to have ALL FIELDS visible at the same time, whether there is data in that field or not.  This includes the NOTE FIELD, which now is a toggle between Engagement/Notes.  This would greatly streamline the use of the Contact screen.


- At a glance, all fields would be consistently in the same place for all contacts.

- At a glance, you could see if a field needs to be added / changed / deleted.

- Notes would be visible instead of having to toggle to see them.


I know that CC tried to give us a clean, minimalist, updated view of our contacts, but this has caused so much wasted time.  If you agree, please vote.  Development team - thank you for considering this important change.



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Thanks for posting this feedback!


When you say that you would like to see all the fields in the same place, do you mean as you view other contacts?

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All fields should always be visible.  As an example, have all of the basic name/address/email/phone information along the left side of the screen -- whether they are filled in or not.  Have all of the user-defined fields and notes field along the right side of the screen -- again, whether they are filled in or not.


We have had to live with this new "minimalist" look for too long.  Please scrap the new look and give us users a contact screen that makes our job easier!.


Thanks, Brad

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