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I need Segmentation!!!

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When I signed up with Constant Contact I was told you guys had segmentation that was similar to **Removed By moderator** and come to find out you are sooooo far behind them it is comical. Your site says "Lets start Marketing" but you're missing the biggest component of email marketing, segmenation!


Things you can't do in Constant Contact:


1. Resend an email to unopens of the previous - You're gonna say you can, no you can't. You can create a new list, go into the report and add the unopens to the new list you had to create, then create a copy of the old email and schedule that email. Thats for wasting 30 minutes of my day constant contact.


2. Reward my most engaged subscribers for the last month - I'd have to open a minimum 5 - 10 separate reports and add them to yet another new list. Any idea how long of a process that is???


3. Want to email everyone in Texas that hasn't opened my last 5 emails - I don't even want to explain how long of a process that is in this system.


I can keep going and going but you get the point. Creating list on top of list is not segmentation, never before using other systems have I ever really had to have more than like 3 or 4 list. But those list were based on very broad segments (Newsletter List, White Paper List, Event List) that type of thing. In constant contact I may have to create 5 new list on any given day just to get what I want to do. The purpose of segmentation to use simple yes no logic to narrow down a list to target exactly who falls into your criteria. Opening a billion different screens and tossing people into a new list all the time is not segmentation. Do yourself a favor and see what your competition is doing, **Removed By moderator** and all sooooo far ahead of you it's pretty bad, PS4 to Nintendo bad...





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