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I want to print my contact list

I want to print my contact list

I can't print the contacts I need in a Email list.

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Hello Matt,


Right now the way our contact lists are setup there is no easy way to print from within Constant Contact at this time. The best method to print  a hard copy of your list would be to export your contact list and then open it in Microsoft Excel and print all your data from there. If this is a feature you would like to see added into our system please let us know.



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Can you make it so there is an easier way to print all reports (bounces, clicks, etc.) other than to export into excel? That would be very nice! On the summary page of reports, it gives you the option to print with a very nice user friendly layout. Thanks!
How can I print my email list?
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Exporting has caused too many additional steps just to print out a list.
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You took 10 steps backward when you eliminated the option of clicking PRINT in order to produce a list of opens. I hate the current setup.
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Before the changes it was possible to print the bounced contact report and now it seems it's not possible. This was really useful, can you help?
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When trying to print a email list of 100 + it didn't print entire list. How can I? Plus when I tried to export out the list it didn't go anywhere?