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I want to print my contact list

I want to print my contact list

I can't print the contacts I need in a Email list.


HI Michelle,

I apologize for the frustration. The workaround currently is to export to excel and print from there but please continue to vote on this and other topics so we can get them implemented in the future.



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How do I print email lists? This was much easier and cleaner before the upgrade.


Thank you for your feedback. At this time we do not have a print option in the new system but please continue to vote to bring it back! The current workaround would be to export it to excel and then print from excel.

I'm sorry that the new interface does not allow you to print a report for "All Opens". The export feature only includes "Unique Opens".
CTCT Employee

Hi Susan,


I am sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you.  At this time we do not have a print feature and you are correct you can only export the unique opens.  Please continue to vote on this topic to hopefully see changes in the future!

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what the heck has happened to this portion of the site? Am I really losing it, or can I not simply find the print button to print out my 81 person contact list. Seriously, what happened? If I am missing something, please do correct me.
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We were disappointed that with your "slowly rolling out new updates," that you took away the print button. It made printing out reports very easy and now we have to export our contacts and make a csv file which takes a lot of time. I think that many people would agree that having the print button saved time and energy and made CC extremely useful.
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I agree.  I used to be able to print out my contact list right from the list itself.  I have to have a printout of every contact list I send emails to each time for compliance reasons.  Please bring back the print option for the contact list so we can print the entire contact list.  I did find a way to export the list but that's way to clunky. 

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Print version of emails sent. I read FAQs, followed every step, but could not get what I needed. So called, and 12 steps later, export the file, open in excel, (what if I didn't have excel) THEN eliminate 7 columns to get a simple, readable, version of who I sent this email to. The top of page should have had a PRINT button (and then software should have produced a simple, 3 column list of names and email addresses in a pdf file. Done.Your software is sometimes too complicated for normal users to figure out. Please make simple.

There were simply a lot of features "before" that were more intuitive - adding contacts, printing email results, and simply moving "back" with the back button rather than needing to use the browser back button.  If there were a "use old view" button, I would be there.  I am sorry, but for all of the really great things Constant Contact has done over the past years, this is not one of them, or at least you should have waited to release this until it was more feature right.  I am stuck.  I cannot do things I used to do, and I can't see the benefit of what you are allowing me to do.  Sorry.