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I want to print my contact list

I want to print my contact list

I can't print the contacts I need in a Email list.

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Hi Jim, Click on the email, then at the top of the first blue box (titled "Email details") you will see a button called "Resend Options"; click on it and either select "Enter email addresses" or "New Contacts....". If you have just updated an existing contact's email address, I guess you probably need to use the first option - that's the quick way to do it. Hope that helps. Tim

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I t would be helpful if a user could print the reports. There is no print icont, and if I use the Print option from my browser, the printout is blank (it only contains header material, not the actual report).
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Hi Lauren,

Sorry to hear this is happening. What browser are you using? Are you printing the reporting from a specific email, and are you printing all or just the first page? We would like to do some more testing on this!


At this time the reporting isn't designed to be printed but please continue to vote on this idea if you would like to see it implemented in the future. a couple of workarounds for you would be to copy and paste the content into a Word document or take a screenshot of the page and print that image.


Thanks for posting.

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Can't find any "Print" button anywhere on this page or similar pages with lists of names and dates.
How do I print the bounce back report. I need to investigate if there is a new email address. I like a hard copy.

Hi Jean,

The bounce report isnt designed to be printed but there are a couple of workarounds for you. First, you coulod copy and paste the content into a Word document or you could export the bounce information and print from excel.


Please continue to vote on this idea!

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I am sorry for the trouble this is causing you Andrea, at this time we do not have a print option in the new system but please continue to vote to bring it back! In order to print as a workaround you can export it to excel and then print from excel.
On occasion, I need to print the bounce back report so that I am able to research. I try to contact the person to see if they have a new email address.

Hi Jean,

I am sorry to hear of the frustration. Please continue to vote on this topic to show interest in bringing back this feature. We are taking all feedback into consideration for future updates.


Jared mentioned above that you can export to excel and print from there as a workaround. We know this isn't ideal but it will allow you to print for now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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There used to be a printer icon and printer friendly view. Where did it go? Do not like this set up at all. Much more difficult to navigate. Everything is so hidden. Bummed.