Identify duplicate contacts in account

We used your constant contact sign up app to build one particular list and it's created duplicates of many of the entries -- sometimes 10 of the same email appears! There needs to be a "select duplicate..." option which selects duplicate names, emails etc then removes from list or deletes them. Thanks

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I agree with a delete duplicates button. I have created a list for customers who click on links in my emails and the list has duplicate emails in it. I would like to know if I email to this list, would these addresses get as many emails as duplicates in the list?


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i would like to be able to compare two lists to see which contacts are in both. i know


1) i can look name by name 

2) export contact lists and compare them

3) you will only send one email to names that might be in two lists i send to at the same time


but this does not always help. i want to send similar emails to the some contacts but don't want anyone to get both emails. i would love to be able to pick two lists, click a button that says "compare," and see a list of duplicates. then i could decide which ones to delete from which list. 



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