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I have a file of about 1000 names I want to import into Contacts and it continues to fail. I've always done this before and never had any problems. Plus now since you updated your website if I import from a file, if a cell is blank it just moves the information from the next cell into the blank cell - why? I can't import if there is 2 different kinds of information in the cells.
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Hello Connie,


We are in the process of researching the system issue you are describing, It seems when you try to import a file (xlsx or xls) with blank columns, the data will shift around. The workaround currently is to covert your document to a CSV file and import as you would normally do. If you would like we can notify you when the issue has been resolved.


If you have any questions please DM me.


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you had to screw up a good thing

Having the same problem - I get the import failed in the activity panel  - really need to fix this soon!!!! I tried the CSV file instead of the XLS file and it still didn't work...




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I am also unable to import lists. The file is csv and there are no empty colums. Keep getting a "contact import failed" messsage.

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