Include logo on Inline and Pop Up Forms

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Hi all,


The actual pop up is at least not useful and really basic:

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 8.40.54 AM.png

Any chance we can add an image or at lease a button (link to landing page)?


Because let's be real: nobody want to subscribe to a newsletter.
But propose them something valuable like a PDF and they will freely give their emails.



So, when can we expect to have an improvement of the pop-up?

At least being able to put 2 texts beside, choosing different text size etc.




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Hi @RemyD2 being able to add a logo to a pop-up or inline sign-up form is a feature request we are currently tracking feedback on. In the meantime, does using a lead generation landing page campaign help fit your needs instead?

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Hi Frankie,

Yes, The lead generation landing page helps as, at least, I can add an image on the header (even if the layout options are way to limited).
So for now, I'm not using the ugly pop up and have use directly a block on my website for that...


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