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Inconsistent reporting

One page says 436 unique opens, another say 295. What the hell is going on at Constant Contact? Can't you get this right? Are you ever going to fix it?

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Please look at what we used to be able to do and giv us all the old functionability back.  I don't need this new interface that is hard to use, extreme slow and counter intuitive.  I want something that help me do my job not helps me spend hours cleaning the export so that I can spend hours reviewing the data and it looks like the update list feature is gone too.  I need a way to download my list into excel, clean my list information in excel and then reupload the list. 


I just got some help with database management and was finally going to be able to use some of the feature and you take them away.  Why would you want to make list manangement hard.  Whoever is programing this feature need to review the old system and make sure all the feature we had on that sytem we still have on this system.


Also whoever thought I wanted my list alphebetical was mistaken.  I took a lot of time(hours) to put them in the order they were in please put them back.  I liked them like that.  I don't like them alphebetically it make it hard to manage my lists.

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I feel bad that I'm being so mean, but I used to love working with your product and now I feel like I should research new vendors because you have created a mess and I'm not sure you a really going to fix it.

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Desired features: -program identifies duplicate emails within list better -Being able to look through fields of choice in order to manage contacts -Create a way to browse through the list contact by contact (forward and backward arrows) -Choice about how many to view at one time -Merge function needs improvement -Side by side comparison of chosen contacts to aid in merging -
You have NO IDEA about the problems created with this "innovation." Given naming conventions, I now have to sort through over 300 of my lists to find what I need and determine what I don't have. Give us the option of determining how we view our lists. An alphabetized list is not the solution in my case. And here now I sit at 10:30 PM trying to fix this problem for an email blast/reminder that I need to go out at 6 AM. Thanks a lot!!! Not!
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I can't find any of them. I no longer know how to get to my list managment section I see no links anywhere to do so
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Not happy with the change in the way I handle my lists. New method causes me to change my normal workflow and is not very clear. Here's what I do: - I have about 4 lists (basically just email addresses) that I keep on CC and use for my mailings. - I keep these lists on MY COMPUTER as Excel files so I can update (Add, Change, Delete) them between mailings. - I do about 6 mailings a year. When it's time for a mailing I first went to CC and used the "Clear Contacts" button to clear each list. - I then ADD my updated Excel files back to each list and schedule the mailing. Yesterday, I was ready to set up my next email launch and found that you had changed the function of the website - NO MORE "CLEAR CONTACTS" button - UGH! I was walked through the new procedure by your Help guy but feel it's not very clear. PLEASE! Put the "Clear Contacts for a List" functionallity back ASAP! We have been very happy with CC over the years so I've got my fingers crossed that you'll do the right thing and keep a customer happy. Thanks, Mike
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The new format for management of contacts is terrible. Absolutely terrible. The only positive feature is the link that shows possible duplicates. The inability to order lists (and see the entire list name without clicking on it) is a huge setback and is costing our association valuable time. Moreover, if there are many lists, they are not all viewable at once. And once you click on a list and need to go back, the window that shows all lists re-sets to the top. When there is a need to remove a contact from being on lists (but not completely delete from the system), there seems to be no easy way to do that like in the previous version of contact management. Very poorly done Constant Contact. Very frustrated with Constant Contact's decreasing ability to provide an efficient system for non-profits who may already be strapped for time and resources.
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Still very frustrated( I've put 2 hours into the list and still have many more before it is clean enough for me to figure out what it's saying).  There is no organization to how the list( I have over 100) got put into the single list column.  I can't easily remke who is in what list.  and the only other option I have is to Down load every list separately and then merge them into an excel sheet and manually figure our who is doubled and why. 


Please tell me why all my list on in a single data field.  This seems like a very disorganized way to give people data.  and pretty usless too. 


Please go back to the old way.  or Can I get a list of my customers the old way.