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Inconsistent reporting

Inconsistent reporting

One page says 436 unique opens, another say 295. What the hell is going on at Constant Contact? Can't you get this right? Are you ever going to fix it?

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Same as above
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Yes, this is a horrible UI.

My numbers do not add up. I have two mailing lists and the numbers associated with them add up to 342 You list actives as 362 Further, you list the total as 391 with 11 unsubscribed, for a total of 370. None of your listings of contacts show what list they are on so there is no way to figure out what is going on here.
Solution Provider
I cannot stand the new reporting feature!!! It NEVER matches what the main email reporting page shows. If the main email report page says I have 24 clicks and I click the hyperlink the detail page shows that I have 15 clicks and it only shows one link. It has been like this since you guys introduced it. This is NOT a minor issue and needs to be addressed ASAP.
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It makes no sense that the feedback button sits on top of the "save" button. move it somewhere else? It's intrusive and annoying. Also, I really miss being able to just type in a long list of contacts.
Why in the world would you think a tiny + sign would tell me that is how to start a new list???? Why doesn't search take me to a place that tells me how to start a new list??????
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I need to be able to simply add several emails at once as before - I don't have time to store detailed information on each user in Constant Contact
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I'm very disappointed in your "new" version of Constant Contact. (1) Unable to pull up an Email List that shows contacts and all corresponding lists that contact is on. You had this functionality when I first signed up for CC years ago. Now it takes 4x longer for me to manage my lists!!!! (2) In past, Constant Contact would check Contacts w/lists, ensuring that if a contact was listed on 2 LISTS, contact would only be sent ONE email. That no longer applies. (3) I'm also VERY disappointed in NEW email create tool. Takes me 5x longer to create emails now. In other words, your new system SUCKS!! I hate it!! Shopping for new newsletter campaign provider. You're no longer user-friendly. And you're EXPENSIVE!!!!
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I have over 30 group lists, and 5500+ contacts. You have moved the important portion of lists off to the side, and show only alphabetical order...not efficient for my purposes. I DON'T NEED three quarters of the screen showing the first 50 of my 5500 contacts. If I needed to see these, I could have looked them up. Adding contacts now is cumbersome, and inefficient too. Did someone designing this change forget to contact the customers who have large lists and special customer lists,.... to ask them what they needed when you decided to "improve" the site?
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I would like to be able to view more than 50 addresses at a time. Only being able to see 50 makes it time consuming.