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Inconsistent reporting

Inconsistent reporting

One page says 436 unique opens, another say 295. What the hell is going on at Constant Contact? Can't you get this right? Are you ever going to fix it?

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I have not seen any report of this other than yours, and I would like to investigate it further. Can you tell me which contact and which email are showing this, if it's still going on?
I do not not like the new layout of the 'my contacts' page. I understand that it's made to be more simplistic but I do not find it user friendly in the least. It is quite hard to decipher all your email lists at once since it's now squished onto the left hand side of the screen. I am by no means a creature of habit, and in fact, welcome updates and changes but this new layout is not good. It's hard to navigate and to see all your email lists. In the previous layout it was easier to see your information all at once. I highly suggest going back to the older layout.
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The contact lists now appear in alphabetical order.  In the past we could customize that order.  This is important because we could make groups of lists according to our needs.  The alphabetical order does not make sense to us. 


When can we expect to have this fixed?  I have been waiting since 7 July 2013.



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Had a question about your "broken" reporting system but got tired of waiting for someone to answer your phone. Between deteriorating phone support and this new "improved" flukey system do you expect to have any customers left by this time next year?
It would be helpful to have a view option to see a list of all my lists. It's really hard to see if I've missed one of my lists when looking at the small window on the left hand sidebar. I thought there used to be a list view in the Contacts page. I can't seem to find it anymore if it still exists.
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In the contact management area, the email lists column is not very user-friendly. 1. It's too narrow and difficult to read. Many of my email list names wrap onto four lines, which isn't ideal. Part of this is because of the reason below. 2. Organizing the lists is counter intuitive. In the old system, we could organize them by number in any order we chose. Not ideal, but at least possible. Now it's alphabetical. Our most-used lists start with the letters N, R and S, so you can guess that those are at the bottom of the list. We also have older lists that we don't want to delete but they're just hanging out and in the way. To remedy the order issue, I renamed our most used lists with "Current List" and then the actual name of the list. Cumbersome and time-consuming, and one of the reasons for them being so long (see #1). I appreciate the changes you've made in the email editing section, those are vast improvements over years past. However, the contact management section needs reworking or a reverse revamp. Thanks!
It already takes considerable time to manage contact list without having to make 5-6 clicks and backtracking to email list. Wish you could navigate withing list, edit, click next to next contact, and so on.
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it would be helpful to have alphabet guide across the top and bottom of each contact page so you go directly to the alphabet for the contact's name instead of scrolling through every alpha. Also, have the screen arrows at the top of the page as well as the bottom of the page.

Hello Robert -


Looking at your post it looks like you have alot more than 2 lists, and lot more contacts now since your post on community. Could you please be a little more specific on the lists that are currently causing you some difficulty?



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