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Inconsistent reporting

Inconsistent reporting

One page says 436 unique opens, another say 295. What the hell is going on at Constant Contact? Can't you get this right? Are you ever going to fix it?

CTCT Employee


Thank you for working to develop/improve the way we all use and manage Constant contact features. As with any new format, it takes time to get used to so I'm not going to use this space to mention every learning-curve issue I have. Just two big functionality issues. My organization manages many many lists as we have targeted mailings and like to split lists to test subjects, etc. So . . .

1.) The previous Contact main dashboard, which listed all lists across the page so I could easily browse and see full title and how many contacts, is missing in a big way. It would be nice to be able to view the lists across the full page, so that I can easily order/update properties and browse. That seems like a basic feature that should be added back.

2.) Removing multiple contacts. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears that we can no longer easiliy remove multiple email addresses from a list by copying and pasting them in as in the previous version. As far as I can tell, I have to search each contact from the main search field and then click something like "add to lists" to then uncheck the list I want to remove them from. For managing email follow-ups for products and events, where I don't want to email people who have already purchased or participated, this new way is HUGELY inefficient. The previous option was a great time-saver and helped us easily dedupe for campaigns with multiple follow-ups.


3.) Also not a huge fan of the placement of the merge option - it's definitely not user-intuitive, but I did figure it out after paying close attention to your guide.


4.) Finally a suggestion - for testing emails. It would be amazing if Constant Contact had a feature that would allow us to easily split lists for testing right in the Contact Management dashboard.


Thank you!

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Please add a navigation bar at the top of the contact list to go to the next page of contacts. Please allow us to "JUMP TO" a specific page number, ie 1-50, 51-100, without having to click the arrow each time and wait for refresh. Please allow us to see more than 50 contacts per page. Please have it automatically return to the contact page you were on when you copied contacts to a different list. It always returns to the first page of contacts.

HI Mary,

Great ideas, thanks for sharing! I understand the need for navigation options and will keep you updated of plans for something to help this. 


Just a note, when using the back button on the browser it should bring you back to the previous page even if you had sorted or flipped through pages of contacts. If you see it bringing you back to the first page please let me know what steps you are following so I can take a look.

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Do not like the new set up for making new contact lists or adding contacts from a file to a new list. Very cumbersome. Also, don't like that you can't sort your contact lists by date created. Very hard to find different contact lists. You have to scroll through the list on the left side. Would like it to be more like it used to be.
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PLEASE....fix what you messed up....I really really NEED to send a newsletter but after your recent changes, "updates", the reports are of very little value to to me anymore. We have talked about this on the phone and in emails. Why can't you fix this? Time is of the essence to a small business and to just keep saying "we are working on it" is insufficient. Judith
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Hi Susan,

Thank you for your feedback. You are correct in that tags are generally applied to individual contacts rather than to lists. This will allow you to assign different tags to different individuals within the same list. To tag every contact on the same list, you will want to open the list, select all contacts within the list and then click to "Manage Tags".





I apologize that the lists along the left side of the page are hard to work with. We have received a lot of great feedback on this and are looking into implementing a full list view again. Please continue to vote on this and any other topics you would like to see implemented.

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Earlier it was possible to number the contact lists and change the order if and when we needed to. Now I see that it is not possible. This is very inconvenient. I would like to have that option back
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Needs to alphabetize by last name not first name
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Hi Sandy, Thank you for your feedback. To change your list to sort by last name, you will want to click on the Name header at the top of your list. When you click on this, it will then give you the option to sort by Last Name instead of First Name and also allows you to sort by ascending or descending order.


I know that this may not be immediately apparent. Hopefully this will help in being able to identify your contacts a little more easily.