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Inconsistent reporting

Inconsistent reporting

One page says 436 unique opens, another say 295. What the hell is going on at Constant Contact? Can't you get this right? Are you ever going to fix it?

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How do I see all my lists at one glance as I used before you changed the format?
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This new user interface for every action related to contacts is very clumsy. Everything is large (being over 65, you would think I would like that, but NO) so you can't see much on each page. The email lists column wraps and you have to scroll endlessly. The contacts within a list require endless scrolling. Actions I do all the time are more hidden. Adding contacts is more complicated. I could go on and on. Did Constant Contact actually conduct User Experience testing with live, unbiased users? Or was this implemented by the same people who designed it?
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I am not comfortable with the size of font or the amount of space now taken up by individual contacts (right 2/3 of screen). Would like to be able to see my lists wider, 2/3 of screen. Currently they are squished into the lefthand column.
I have been using Constant Contact at our company for some time in multiple departments, and I think your new contact management interface is a step backwards. Before, you would first select your desired list and then import contacts to it. This was sensible workflow and served to give multiple chances to prevent errors of importing to the incorrect list. Now choosing the list has been moved to the last step, which forces a greater reliance on memory for the user 'what list am I working with?' and thus increased the potential for errors. Also, everything in the interface is TOO LARGE. This follows current design trends and is very 'trendy' while also, again, reducing usability be reducing the amount of information screens can present. Very, very disappointed.
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What additional information do you need? And why do we get a non-helpful response that things "are being looked at"?


Do you guys understand how frustrating you have made this site? Once upon a time, we could see the number of unique opens and who had actually clicked on a link, easily sort lists of people who viewed our newsletters, view their histories and so on. For reasons known only to yourselves, you decided to overhaul the site -- and you have ruined it. And all we get for a reply to our inquiries -- if we get one at all; I never receive a response to anything -- is it's a problem, you are looking for a solution, you have no workaround and you have no idea when it will be fixed.


Please have the guts as a company to stand up and say you are in over your heads. We've been with you for six years and that's about to end. This is the absolute worst example I have ever seen of a company that has made a choice to be evasive, nonresponsive and unhelpful after committing a series of self-imposed errors.


Please: a response to this.


Tyler Smith

University of Colorado Hospital


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I have a big number of list, I can´t manage with your new interface, is so difficult!!!
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It was much easier and looked organized. please bring back the list format
I manage our contacts list and my email lists were in my order of how they were entered. Others have made more but now it is difficult for me to add people because the lists are alphabetical. the ones i wanted to add people to were all at the top which are the more important lists.
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This post is about viewing your lists of lists on the screen. The old system was able to let us list all the list simply on the screen. Now you get a wee little window on the left and it shows you what is in the list. Let me explain. I assume you know what an onion is. This may be metaphor for this. The brown skin is the list of all the lists. This was the way it was in the old system. Very simple and great view for the user. The green skin is the one list you want to drill down on. The while skin is the actual details any of your contacts within the list. Does that explain how you can make it so intuitive just like it used to be?