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Inconsistent reporting

Inconsistent reporting

One page says 436 unique opens, another say 295. What the hell is going on at Constant Contact? Can't you get this right? Are you ever going to fix it?

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I hardly use constant contact, yet we have been paying for it for years. There are 2 simple things that I liked about it, that are now removed. You can no longer just start adding in a list of contacts, for instance, I play in a band so we go play and we have a sign up sheet (a paper) I come home and enter the names into constant contact, it was pretty easy, now it's annoying I have to do it one at a time. Secondly, how come I can no longer see when our contacts from a list were entered or where they came from? ie, did they come from me entering them, or our website.... Why make your site worse intentionally?
I have noticed a change to the worse on your website. Before it was very clear: select all bouned contacts and either "Remove" them (so they can be re-added) or put them on the "Do Not Mail" list permanently. Now "Do Not Mail" list is gone. I have to "Remove" contacts, but it is unclear what would happen if I want to re-add them later? What if I want permanently block them? Also, the "Back" navigation button is missing and it is a huge loss as I have to go through "E-mail-Reports-Bounces" again instead of simply clicking "Back" button. PLEASE RESTORE THE MANAGE BOUNCES feature as IT WAS BEFORE! Thank you, Glenn Makoushinski IT Consultant to the Museum of Russian Art.

The new "look" is NOT something I would have asked for. The old look was working PERFECTLY - I have 30 +/- segmented lists that I want to see when I go into Contacts. I don't need to see an alphabetical list of my contacts. I need to see the "list" of contact groups that I have created and numbered as it was prior to the changes. Scrolling down the list looking for the one that I need in alphabetic order instead of viewing ALL of the groups listed in numeric order, as before, totally slows down the process. This is NOT an improvement, it is an AGGRAVATION !! Can you PLEASE sign me up for the old format somehow ?? Or can I "opt-out" of the new version ?? PLEASE HELP ME !!! BW

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Your bounces report is, as usual, not working properly. It says it will export 106 bounces, but only exports 34. (Yes, I used the drop-down menu properly.) And it doesn't include the bounce type. this has been going on for quite a while and the people I speak with simply don't care. Well, when you start losing customers maybe that will get your attention.
and not have to choose the contact list each time...1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I had my list in a specific order, now it is alphabetical which I hate!!!! Bad format.

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Please update the list management so that users can search as we did previously. Unfortunately, I cannot find my lists easily as the focus of the new search is on individual email addresses.
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Dear developpers, I don't like the new contacts system. It is imposible to see properly the lists' names. It couldn't be so difficult to have the possibility of expanding them to the center. And it would be also much appreciatte to have the possiblitiy of sorting them as before (at leas by alphabetical order from a-z or z-a as it seems imposible to have the numbered list back!). Thanks for taking this into account, Daryl Upsall Consulting International
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Last newsletter report indicated 9 bounced emails for a 15% bounce rate. However, only 2 contacts are showing up as bounces bec. of "nonexistent address." What accounts for this discrepancy? These contacts insist they do receive the newsletter. Would prefer to discuss the problem with support rep but I've been on hold for 20 min. and counting…..