Individual Contact Engagement

Be able to see what links the contact has clicked on in an email.

Status changed to: New

Hi Cathy,

Currently you can see each individual who has clicked on a specific link in the reporting. To see this click the Emails tab> Reports > The # of clicks next to a specific email and then you will see a list of links with a blue number of unique clicks. Click on this number to see the list of people! Are you looking to see this information somewhere else?



Regular Participant

Yes, we need to be able to see the click throughs in the Contact portion of the program. So if I go to Mary Smith's contact page and it says that she opened up all of my newsletters, I need to have those engagement comments "hot" so that I can open them and see what she clicked on. It used to be that way. Now it is gone.

Status changed to: Closed - No Action
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