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Hi. Here is my issue. We are a very small business. We have about 700 people in our contact list. However, when we send an email out, only about 200 people are even seeing our email. We quickly realized that anyone with GMAIL doesn't even see our emails. Why? Because any email sent from CONSTANT CONTACT goes straight into the "PROMOTIONS" tab of GMAIL. GMAIL has 4 different tabs. The "PRIMARY" tab (which is where I want the emails we send to go), the "SOCIAL" tab, the "PROMOTIONS" tab, and the "FORUMS" tab. I have gmail for my personal use, but  sometimes I receive emails from businesses and it goes into my PERSONAL tab. I always look to see what email marketing service they are using, and the most common one I've seen is iContact. Therefore, if a competitor of constant contact was able to figure out how to get around GMAIL throwing any constant contact email into the "PROMOTIONS" tab, I believe you guys have the developers to figure it out as well. Please make this a priority as I can't imagine how much business we are losing out on simply because of this issue that I'm hoping has a solution. I don't want to have to switch as I have really appreciated the customer satisfaction I have received, but this is too important of an issue for a small business like ours. Thank you!!


Thank you for providing feedback in regards to Gmails recent update. Unfortunately, we dont have the ability to make our emails land in the "Primary" folder, but if you click and drag your Constant Contact email from the "promotions" tab to the "primary" tab and it will start going in there automatically. I am sorry for any inconveniences you may have experienced.

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