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Preferred the old Contacts layout with the line graph. Is there a way to view it instead of the table graph?
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I am disappointed that you have removed the linear graph feature on the contact reporting page. It was very effective at helping me gauge my work, now this bar graph tells me nothing. Whats the deal?
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Hi @JoeG5660 at this time switching the table graph on your contact reports to a line graph is not currently available. Are you looking for the ability to switch the graph between these two types, or do you only want your reporting through a line graph?


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Thanks for your response. I’m aware that the line graph is unavailable, that’s why I left feedback that I was unhappy that it was unavailable. I’m not requesting the two graphs be interchangeable, just requesting the previous line graph be brought back.




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Hi @JoeG5660 thanks for this clarification! We have opened up your feature request so other users can weigh in as well.

Where are the very helpful line graphs that usually are accessible by going to Contacts/Reporting?
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