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We use Constant Contact tracking to gain insight into who is interested in the properties we advertise through email as a commercial real estate firm. One issue we have is that the URLs we link to are generated, and not friendly. This means that when we look at the click report, it's very cryptic, and we have to do a lot of work to figure out what was actually clicked on. It would be extremely helpful if there was a place to give your link an identifier, so that when the report is viewed, it's easy to decipher what was clicked. We are in the process of looking at CRM solutions, and many of them incorporate email marketing into their platform. Thus far we haven't wanted to change our email marketing system, but hurdles like this make it hard to say that CC is the way to go. It's too time consuming to really track who clicked on which property, and feed that back into our current client tracking system. Thank you for your consideration.
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