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List Order

List Order

This how how one customer is forced to respond to the bad design that CC recently changed with the "Contacts" pages. Just in order to make my Email Lists show up (in the left column) in the order that is important and logical to us (not the ABC order that CC engineers/designers decided to force the customers), I have to change each Email List to bear 1, 2, 3.... numerical numbers at the head of the list name. So, instead of titling an email list "Engineers" or "Marketing", for example, we now have to title them "1 Marketing" and "3 Engineers", to avoid the CC default of alphabetical list order. We will see if this will alleviate the poor design of CC team. Another way to cope with this is to simply start shopping for other email marketing vendors. Words for all IT and Web designers: There is something seriously wrong with your approach and design decisions if your new advanced design or technology forces the customers to retreat to the non-technology 19th century tactics just to use your product!!

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OK....figured out how to sort by last name.
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I want to manage my contacts lists. they are all crammed up on the left side of the screen. How?
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I am unable to get rid of the pop up describing the new features. I click on 'don't show me this again' but it doesn't work. This is really frustrating and time consuming as I have to close it manually each time I update a contact!
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Thanks for posting. Can you tell me more about what you are looking to do? You can click into any of your lists on the left to view them!
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Although the new format is pretty cool, I am quickly finding myself in need of a couple things I had before that I am not seeing now. 1) Need a way to easily see what all lists a contact is currently subscribed. 2) Need a way to change a persons email address as oppose to added a 2nd email and unsubscribing the old one. This one may not be too bad if item #1 was available. 3) The Email list now sorts alphabetically. Before we had a way to sequence these ourselves. I need this feature back. Thanks, Traci

I also like the old way, we should be able to get the old way back....

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Thanks for posting. You can see what list the contact is part of by clicking into the contacts details or checking off the contact and clicking the "Add to Email Lists" button. Any list the contact is in will show as checked. You are welcome to edit any existing contact that you want. To do this, click into their details and click on the email address. You will see the box open up for you to edit.
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I don't like the new update. How can I see all the lists?
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This new layout is a space waster! I liked the old format that fit the links, clicks, and distribution on one screen. With this format, I have to scroll many time to get to the bottom and I cannot see the distribution at a glance. I would recommend changing it back or offering the option to view in the other format. Thank you for considering this comment.
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1. alphabetizing by first name???? Wrong! 2. have to scroll to the bottom of each page to advance to the next page. (provide "next page" button at top of pages). 3. have to advance one page at a time instead of providing an alphabet click-to option. (click v to go to last names starting with v).