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List Order

List Order

This how how one customer is forced to respond to the bad design that CC recently changed with the "Contacts" pages. Just in order to make my Email Lists show up (in the left column) in the order that is important and logical to us (not the ABC order that CC engineers/designers decided to force the customers), I have to change each Email List to bear 1, 2, 3.... numerical numbers at the head of the list name. So, instead of titling an email list "Engineers" or "Marketing", for example, we now have to title them "1 Marketing" and "3 Engineers", to avoid the CC default of alphabetical list order. We will see if this will alleviate the poor design of CC team. Another way to cope with this is to simply start shopping for other email marketing vendors. Words for all IT and Web designers: There is something seriously wrong with your approach and design decisions if your new advanced design or technology forces the customers to retreat to the non-technology 19th century tactics just to use your product!!

Very difficult to use, hard to locate files that had been available according to date added. Knew the numbers of the lists I needed to use. The new add contacts is very difficult to see if information is correct - does not pull enough examples to view. Please change it back. This is very very cumbersome.
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I cannot find how to order the list of emails on my Subscribe page.  They are now suddenly in alphabetical order, which puts the least important list at the top and the most important one toward the bottom.  I can't find how to select the default list, either.


Not a fan of this new layout.

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When I sort by date to see who has signed up today, the contacts view is showing people who signed up yesterday with today's date.  I get that CC is based in the UK (I am assuming) and that I am in the States, but when I go into individual contacts, the dates do not match what is in the contact list view.   The two should match each other, either on UK time or on my time.

CTCT Employee

Hello Kris,


Excellent observation! We highly apprciate your feedback.


There are a few things we can to customize your Contact Management screen as needed. Check this out:


You can mark as many lists as favorites as you'd like.


  1. After logging into Constant Contact, click Contacts.
  2. Click "Email Lists" in your left-hand menu. This will take you to the List Management view.
  3. Click the star icon by any lists you want to favorite.

Favorite a list
That's all you need to do!


You can also sort list by:


  • Favorite status
  • List name
  • Number of contacts in the list
  • Date the list was created
Click here to read more. 
Please feel free to contact us back if needed.
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Yes, but I can't now do with this new system is order the lists in order of importance.    So now subscribers are acting differently, signing up for my least profitable list rather than my most profitable.   When I could order the lists, I could somewhat influence their sign up behavior.  That is now gone.


And now, apparently, I can no longer set a default list because I have several lists.


When is the old system coming back?

CTCT Employee

Hi Kris,


Thanks for your reply. Currently, the lists cannot be ordered like in the old Contact Management tool wherein you can assign lists to order 1-10 and so on. Please continue to share your feedback on this so we can look into adding it back.


You can, however, still customize which lists appear on the form to influence your contacts' sign up behavior. Here are the steps on how you can set that up:


  1. After logging into Constant Contact, click Contacts Sign-Up Tools
  2. Click the name of the form you want to edit. 
  3. Scroll down to check the lists you want to display and uncheck any you want to hide.
  4. Click Continue to travel through the remaining tabs. 
  5. Click Finish.

Hope this helps! We really appreciate your suggestion.

Occasional Contributor

All that does is put lists on the sign up page.  That does not influence sign up behavior, except that obviously people won't sign up for lists that they do not see.  Numbering the lists so I could put the most important one at the top did influence sign up behavior.  I can no longer do that or even select a default list.


This new system is really very disappointing.

CTCT Employee

Hi Kris,


I understand what you're referring to. And yes, that feature of ordering the list on your account and on your sign-up form so you can influence visibility is not available in the new Contacts tool at this time. I have submitted your request to restore this functionality.  We have a feedback system that drives which features are prioritized and restored in future updates.


We really appreciate your input and we apologize for the inconvenience caused by the new changes.

Status changed to: New
Status changed to: New