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List Order

List Order

This how how one customer is forced to respond to the bad design that CC recently changed with the "Contacts" pages. Just in order to make my Email Lists show up (in the left column) in the order that is important and logical to us (not the ABC order that CC engineers/designers decided to force the customers), I have to change each Email List to bear 1, 2, 3.... numerical numbers at the head of the list name. So, instead of titling an email list "Engineers" or "Marketing", for example, we now have to title them "1 Marketing" and "3 Engineers", to avoid the CC default of alphabetical list order. We will see if this will alleviate the poor design of CC team. Another way to cope with this is to simply start shopping for other email marketing vendors. Words for all IT and Web designers: There is something seriously wrong with your approach and design decisions if your new advanced design or technology forces the customers to retreat to the non-technology 19th century tactics just to use your product!!

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I have a customer that wants to re-order their lists.  Currently in contacts lists are sorted on the left hand side alphabetically, the customer wants to drag and drop, or use an arrow up or down to re-order their lists.

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I would like to be able to see all of my lists instead of only a number of them.

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Hi Ron, We would like to understand this further in order to determine what you are seeing. I looked into the account you posted from and I'm not able to see exactly what you mean. Since this is a public forum, can you send an email to with the username of the account you are working in and some more information? Thanks!

Here are some issues I've encountered with the changes to the Contact Management section:

  • All of my lists do not display in the list of lists. I talked to customer support and have a work around for now, which is to create or rename an existing list and then all of the lists will appear.
  • All of the lists do not display under the Contact's entry either, unless I make a change to the lists that the contact is on.
  • I don't believe the search is returning result properly. It may only be an issue with contacts who are on the Do Not Mail list. I usually select "All" and then search by last name or email address, so I can find the contact and see their status, but I am not getting the results I expect. I can provide examples, if necessary.
  • I don't see the status of a contact when I have their information displayed. It used to show whether they were considered Active, Removed, or Do Not Mail.
  • The pages are very slow to load - or at least that square with the spinning wheel is almost always there.
  • I don't see a way to easily look at the list properties.
  • I don't see a way to start adding contacts after creating a new list.
  • When exporting a list, there are no longer options to select the fields to export.
  • I don't see a way to search for a list. I have to scroll through all of them.


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Also that left-hand side with the lists need to be wider. For lists with long names that narrow section gets cramped. Bring back that wider view of the lists.

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At this time we are aware of an issue with seeing more than 50 lists in the account. When viewing, it will only display the first 50 but an easy way to get around this for now is to re-name the list. The removed contacts are also not visible on the account so searching for them will not bring up any results. However if you are in a contact details to the right of the email address it will let you know if you have permission to send, if its unsubscribed, if the contact is suspended or you haven't given permission to send yet. If you are having trouble loading on some screens can you please provide which pages you are getting hung up on? Also, the lists are sorted alphabetically and you can still change if they are visible on the join my mailing list form or not through the signup tools.

Thank you for the response. I was already informed of the work-around for the list display issue, however, this has to be done every time I come back out of the Contact details.
The screens aren't necessarily hanging up, they just have the "loading" square on the screen for quite awhile whenever bringing up a new page. I don't recall the older version being so slow.
I know work is being done to correct the issues identified by users, but I used to be a computer programmer, and I have to tell you that this is one of the poorest roll-outs of an "improved" version that I have ever seen.
Is there an estimated timeframe for fixing the list display issue, and is there a plan to reinstate the search feature for all contacts, regardless of their status?
I have begun researching other products that will suit our needs better, and plan to discontinue using Constant Contact unless there is some hope for a quick solution to the issues caused by the recent upgrade.


Hi.  I've been perusing the forums and am very disappointed to find out that as an invited tester of the new Constant Contact features, there is no path to return to the original functionality.  While I appreciate the efforts to improve the product, I am amazed that so much functionality that used to exist in reporting and contact management has just disappeared.  


Reporting functions.  A key strength of CC was the ease in which I could create quick reports to print out and share with team members to follow up on campaigns.  Now I can view a bounce/opened/unopened report on screen, but I cannot quickly export the view.  Instead, I have to create a new tag, tag the individual addresses in the report, go to the main contact screen, select the new tag I've assigned, create an export, download the export, open it in Excel, etc.  This is MUCH more time consuming and tedious. 


Again, I can see the value in many of the enhancements; I just don't understand why so much core functionality was removed.

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Hi Adam, I am sorry to hear of the frustration but thank you for taking the time to pass along the details. With the ability to add tags, the need for a large number of lists will reduce as you can add a secondary category to each contact. For example, If you mailed to a list called "All Employees" and then you wanted to add a tag for those employees who opened your January email, you can add a tag to those people within that list. Thanks again for taking the time to pass these along, please continue to vote if these are features you would like to see in the new contacts & reporting.
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I cant seem to check off contacts from different pages to do a quick send email. It clears the checks when I go to a next page.