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List Order

List Order

This how how one customer is forced to respond to the bad design that CC recently changed with the "Contacts" pages. Just in order to make my Email Lists show up (in the left column) in the order that is important and logical to us (not the ABC order that CC engineers/designers decided to force the customers), I have to change each Email List to bear 1, 2, 3.... numerical numbers at the head of the list name. So, instead of titling an email list "Engineers" or "Marketing", for example, we now have to title them "1 Marketing" and "3 Engineers", to avoid the CC default of alphabetical list order. We will see if this will alleviate the poor design of CC team. Another way to cope with this is to simply start shopping for other email marketing vendors. Words for all IT and Web designers: There is something seriously wrong with your approach and design decisions if your new advanced design or technology forces the customers to retreat to the non-technology 19th century tactics just to use your product!!


The changes are very frustrating and ends up eating up much valuable time trying to figure how to navigate the changes.   Constant contact is not serving us at all at this point.  Please return to the user friendly format.   We do not mind improvements but this is not good for us.  Honestly, we are considering other options other than constant contact..

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I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you Judy.  Can you be specific on what the issues you are having are?  Any information would be appreciated so we can either help or try and push a fix out for you.  We are always trying to make the system better for our customers.

With the new interface listing contact lists alphabetical, have lost ability to easily priroitize order of contact lists I use frequently. Realize putting a number on front of lists is one workaround but that's clunky. Would be useful if we could "group" or "cluster" into a folder, for example, our priority contact lists (i.e., the ones we use most frequently) so that we can quickly choose them when sending an e-mail.
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Thanks for sharing this idea, Brad! Please continue to vote on ideas you would like to see implemented in the future.
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i miss the old version that allowed ordering of contact lists
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The Email list in the new system does not allow to sort the list according to our requests.  It is shown in alphabetical order by default.  So I tried now to "outsmart" it by putting numbers so I get it as it was.


It was working perfectly, until I got to No.10.  As I get to add No. 11 and look up. the system put number 10 and 11 after No. 1. Not after No.9. 




Imagine all the time consumed trying to make things work!  My clients are going to fire me!


Please, again, reverse this system to the previous one.  Some of my clients´ accounts are still using the old, great, good, simple previous system. 


Please do not make us suffer!


Plese do not delete my suggestions - this is very serious!






Thanks for your feedback, Lucia! We would never delete your suggestions as they are what is making the product better. Your (and others) ideas are being used to make changes in the product that will help it work for you so we appreciate the time you have put into your posts.

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Good Morning,


I am trying to oraganize my contacts in the box to the left of the emails...How do I do that now, I do not see the process I used at the end of june.





Hi Elise,

The order of the lists is now alphabetical. If you would like to re-name a list to put them in a different order you can by clicking the down arrow to the right of the email name. At this time, renaming the lists would be the only way to display them in another order. 

Rename list.jpg

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I would lliketo be able to move the list order