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List Order

List Order

This how how one customer is forced to respond to the bad design that CC recently changed with the "Contacts" pages. Just in order to make my Email Lists show up (in the left column) in the order that is important and logical to us (not the ABC order that CC engineers/designers decided to force the customers), I have to change each Email List to bear 1, 2, 3.... numerical numbers at the head of the list name. So, instead of titling an email list "Engineers" or "Marketing", for example, we now have to title them "1 Marketing" and "3 Engineers", to avoid the CC default of alphabetical list order. We will see if this will alleviate the poor design of CC team. Another way to cope with this is to simply start shopping for other email marketing vendors. Words for all IT and Web designers: There is something seriously wrong with your approach and design decisions if your new advanced design or technology forces the customers to retreat to the non-technology 19th century tactics just to use your product!!

CTCT Employee

1. I am sorry I misinterpreted it before, this is something that would be a good topic to vote on and see if this is a common pain point for our customers to see if we can get it changed.


2.  I do understand it can definitely be annoying and I appreciate your patience with us.


3.  Constant Contact as a whole is not moving towards strictly a CRM we just want to give our customers every tool possible to really expand and grow their business.  Not every tool needs to be utilized to its full extent to still work in Constant Contact effectively and efficiently we just like to give our customers the option.  We have heard some people want it to be more list oriented and we are looking into trying to get the best of both worlds.  At this time please continue to vote if you agree and I really appreciate the valuable feedback you are providing.   

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This is far too hard and complicated..too many steps. Prefer the previous screens and processes.

Hi Phil,

Sorry to hear this, can you tell me more about what you don't like? We understand there is a lot to learn and we are happy to help with any trouble you are having!


Thanks for your feedback. Any details we get are being used to help with future updates so please vote on what you would like to see implemented or changed in the future.




Hi Frank,

I am sorry to hear that this process is not working for you. You can check off more than one contact and use the delete button if you would like. I am not exactly sure the process you are using now but this is a time-saver.


When you say the deleting is taking a long time, is it because of the number of contacts you are deleting or the system is running slowly while deleting?


Thanks for your help.

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Don't like the new format...Go back to the old format
I love your product, and I think it is very easy to use, but the new "improvements" to contact list management are very inefficient. I would really like to see the following features added: 1) Add arrows at the top of the list on each page to go to the next page vs. having to scroll to the bottom on each page-- if you want to go from p. 1 to p. 3, you have to click on the right arrow once, then wait for p. 2 to load, then scroll down to the bottom of the list, then click on the right arrow, then wait for p. 3 to load. 2) After editing a contact, then saving, you return to p. 1 of contacts vs. to the page you were working on... then you have to go through everything listed in point #1 above-- very time-consuming and inefficient. Took me hours to make a few changes to contacts!
Most of my work is based on list groups rather than individuals. The new setup makes my work harder than before. Please either return it to the old format or have an option that makes the email lists more prominent. Thanks!

We prefered the old version of the contacts page with a list of contacts going down the length of the page.  We would like to be able to sort by larger lists first and the only way allowed you to do that.  Also, please put the page numbers at the bottom of the contact lists.  It is too time consuming to page ahead in search for a name.



Thanks for your feedback on this! I understand how page numbers at the bottom would help in scrolling your list. Advanced search is coming soon but you can always use the search box to find a specific person to save time. 

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AGREE. The new update is HORRIBLE. I don't care about the individual contacts in my lists. I don't need to see 1,700 names. I need to see my 50 or so lists. This is enough for me to change products. It is horribly designed and NOT user friendly at all. I hate it. I really, really, really hate it. I can't tell you enough how much time this is wasting. There needs to be a way to see the contacts the old way. This is HORRIBLE.