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List Suppression

List Suppression

Please create a function for list suppression.  For example, I would like to be able to upload a list of all donors who contributed to my nonprofit in November. When sending a solicitional email in December, I need to be able to suppress the list of November donors. 



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Yes, this is badly needed.

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Yes, I cannot believe this isn't an option on Constant Contact. I've had it available in other mailing platforms.


This has long been one of my biggest complaints and wants from CC. It is amazing to me that they still do not have this feature!  I send out emails for an upcoming event with a registration link.  I want to exclude anyone who has already registered, but removing that email manually from all my lists is unreasonable. So people who have already registered end up getting multiple emails and some of them register more than once. Simple suppression functionality, where I can upload a CSV of emails NOT to send to, would solve this!

Are you kidding? Constant contact doesn’t have this? 

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Yes, badly needed!!


110% agree. This is so badly needed.

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