Lists, segments, tags, and fields

Where one of these is available as a filter or condition, they should all be available. For example, why can't I send an email to contacts based on tags or fields? Why can't I filter dynamic content based on lists, segments, or tags?

Every conditional piece of data on my contacts has had to be replicated as a different 'group' as a list, segment, tag, and custom field so I can work around the limitations on the software.
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Hi @NicholasS9556. You bring up some great points about the ability to have access to all conditions across various areas of your account. While I don't have any information to share, I'll open this up for voting and provide updates should we make any changes.


I completely agree. I want to personalized a newsletter by interest and the easiest way would be to use dynamic blocks by tags.


Hope this feature will be available soon

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Yes -- this seems like the most intuitive thing and yet, I can't figure out how to do this. 


Please make this change. 


Hi @PatS85 what type of dynamic content are you looking for? Does our dynamic content blocks fit any of these needs?

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