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Manage Duplicates

Manage Duplicates

can we have the avalibility to remove duplicates periodically would avoid numerious emails on our list and possiblity higer fees. Please advice when the option is here to remove duplicates occassionally. ty Lucy

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Need to have a more reasonable way of accessing and changing duplicates. Get on it, Constant Contact. Your lack of sophistication is mind-boggeling and cruel.
I'm wondering if there could be a pop up when adding contacts that let's me know if it's a duplicate?
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I need a 1 button duplicate email delete function. If the email list continues to build with duplicate emails I could get bumped into a higher price category. The duplicate email addresses make the list "messy" to review and maintain. I think CC would have this minimal function available. As my contact list gets bigger I will be looking for a vendor that has this function.
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It would be nice if you could easily duplicate a New Contact you just added, esp. if you only want to change a couple fields.
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I have MANY customers who are duplicated in the system (3 contacts for each one) I am being charged for such- very disappointed, I thought CC was supposed to merge contacts with the same info. I have to manually go through 3700 emails manually!!
Constant Contact sometimes creates duplicate clients when it syncs with MindBody and right now I have to do a lot of work to find and remove those contacts. Assuming that this can't be fixed so it doesn't happen at all (which actually would be my preferred resolution), I would like Constant Contact to be able to show me a filtered list with just duplicates so I can quickly select and delete them. The whole "export to Excel, find the duplicates, go back into Constant Contact, find the duplicates again, and then delete them" is not working for me with a list bigger than 500 people. It's time consuming and unwieldy.
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Come. On.
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Is there a way to overwrite the name field when I upload a new contact list? The email, city and state only allow one entry but the name field will attach multiple names to one email address then when I select that field to be inserted in my email body it includes all the names in that field instead of just one.
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I agree this is ridiculouos. When managing a large list which includes multiple family members that all use the same email address, constant contact sends out one email for each person even though the emails are exactly the same - this is dumb. 


There should be an option to only send one email per email address regardless of whether there are different names attached to that email. 

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It is important for my company to have multiple names sharing one email. These contacts are most often on different lists and receive emails specific to that list. It is a problem however when we send a general email to all lists. Then the one email address receives multiple emails addressed to each individual at that shared address.


The simple solution is to have a switch that allows the sending of multiple email to the same address or to only send one email to multiple contacts sharing an email address.


This has become a huge issue for my company and the many elementary schools that use CC. The current process is unworkable and seriously needs to be addressed in an open forum of CC users.