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can we have the avalibility to remove duplicates periodically would avoid numerious emails on our list and possiblity higer fees. Please advice when the option is here to remove duplicates occassionally. ty Lucy

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It would be great if ConstantContact added the option of merging two or more duplicate contacts into one. Just checkmark the contacts on the list, choose "Merge" and confirm. All the information from both contact records will be saved onto one. It would make a whole of a lot more sence than having to manually copy one field at a time from contact to contact and then deleting the extra. 

Just a thought. 

It would be great to add this as a built-in feature a la Google's Contact Manager.
It's frustrating to have multiple profiles for the same people. I wish there was a way of combining the accounts with the press of a button rather than doing it manually. It would save me time and it would also allow me to save the history of the emails being sent to each profile.
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There should be a way to merge duplicate contacts.
When adding contacts, sometimes there are two people with the same names who work at different locations, having different email addresses. There doesn't seem to be any way to add the second profile. If you could find a way to allow both profiles, it would be very helpful. Thank you -
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There should be an option to see what contacts gets added twice and should give us an option to choose in which list the contacts are that way we can keeo that contact confined to one list. Right now it shows as number which is not very easy to track.
Thank you for the precautions you take to eliminate duplicates when the list is being imported. Might I suggest you begin doing regular list maintenance? We have found several duplicates in the active list, and are having to delete these by hand. It would be simple and a real benefit if you were to regularly search and delete duplicates in the existing database. Thanks for your help, Kim Seipel
I have a Master Client Email list (exported from our internal database) that I use regularly for things like newsletters, memos, etc. I also construct a monthly birthday greeting list (exported from our internal database) that I would like to import into CC to send greetings to clients with a birthday in that given month. Upon my first attempt, I encountered a problem. When importing a contact (i.e. Mary Smith) into a newly created Birthday Greeting list, Mary's name field is overridden with Mary & John Smith (pulled from the Master client list) because Mary and John share the same email. Result, the greeting went addressed to Mary & John when in fact, it was only Mary's b-day which is how it was listed on the spreadsheet I used to create the birthday list. My old program was able to accommodate for this. Is this something that CC can accommodate? Otherwise, I have to go in and manually change the name field on all of these records when using monthly birthday lists. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 203.481.2684.
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