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I would like to be able to easily drag and reorder my Custom Fields. One field that I use frequently is at the bottom of my list and I have to always scroll to it. I'd like it to be on top, but I don't think simply renaming a custom field that is at the top of my Custom Fields list will work. Will it? Please advise.
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Thanks for posting. I can understand how having the most used field at the top would be helpful. Unfortunately there isn't a way to reorder but this is good feedback. I would not suggest renaming your first field as you would have mixed up information. The new label would apply to the information that was already in that field. 

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I use numbers and letters before the tags to define catigories.  01 - 10 for one type the Z before a second - ZZ is a third and finally I have ZZZ - the least uses.  For the ones I use the most I use only the name of the tag then there is only a short list of my favorites.  Placing a 00 before the catigory name will place it at the very top.  Hope this helps.


00 Birthday

00 Referal

01 ????

02 ????

Z ______

Z ______

ZZ and so on...

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