Merge Contacts

I just tried to merge contacts and old interfece was brilliant; the new interface is pretty much useless.


I ended up mixing up all my contact.


Thank you for making me decide to leave constant contact. Years of collecting contracts have now been wasted.


I will create a database myself.



i can't merge contacts as easily or rename my lists as easily. You took a system that was user friendly and trashed it. Not great
this contact exists on the side as a tag (?) but I cannot get it to be added into a list.
Your site before was more user friendly. It is more difficult to merge contacts!
I have the same contact in twice - once as Margee Barth and once as Margaret Barth. When I search "Barth", both come up. I would like to be able to check them both and then, under more actions, be able to merge them. Thanks
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it would be nice to be able to merge contact information example two contacts in your system just check box and merge info into one contact
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 Agreed. People register for my events with different email addresses all the time, and manually merging them is crazy-making.

The gmail contacts feature would be perfect for this situation, if such a feature were possible. 


In Gmail, I can run a scan on all my contacts, it identifies possible duplicates, and I can select which ones to merge. 

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